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[-NEW-] How to download songs from Deezer (on an Android)


Apr 17, 2019
Today am going to share with you how you can download songs/albums from Deezer for free.
Personally I love Music with good sound quality 👌 so when downloading choose either 320kbps or Flac (large file size)
1. Install Termux
In order to run SMLoadr on Android you have to install Termux.

2. Install dependencies
Run Termux and enter these lines in the same order (if it asks you if you want to continue, enter Y):

pkg update
pkg upgrade
pkg install nodejs-lts git

3. Download
First download the latest version from the repo:
git clone --depth 1 https://git.fuwafuwa.moe/SMLoadrDev/SMLoadr.git

4. Install
Move files and remove unnecessary ones:
mv SMLoadr/{package.json,SMLoadr.js,./libs/,./src/} ./
rm -rf SMLoadr

Now we install the dependencies:
npm install

Patch openurl:
sed -i 's/linux/android/' node_modules/openurl/openurl.js

5. Setup storage
Give Termux access to your storage:

Now we trick SMLoadr into downloading to the public storage:
mkdir ~/storage/shared/SMLoadr
ln -s ~/storage/shared/SMLoadr DOWNLOADS

6. Run
Run the app (downloaded files will be in a folder named SMLoadr on your storage):
node SMLoadr.js

7. Updating to a new version
To update it, run step 3 and step 4

8. Login
Watch this video Cookie Login on how to login using your Deezer cookie 🍪
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